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Bariatric surgery only solves half of the problem

There are a number of reasons why obesity is bad for the person, be it on the emotional, physical, and mental aspect. This is why affected inviduals try their best to alleviate the situation through several methods. Diet and exercise is considered the best way to address the dilemma but some people just couldn’t wait for months or years for them shed off those excess pounds.

So, others opt for bariatric surgery to lose weight. And when they do lose weight, only half of their problem was solved. The drastic weight loss brought in some other problems such as drooping bellies and sagging skin. They know that they’ve lost weight but they don’t feel that there is much difference because of the hanging skin that they have to deal with.

This is why liposuction and tummy tuck have to be done after the bariatric surgery procedure. And only after these body contouring procedure are done that patients can really feel that they have succeeded in their quest for their ideal weight and can now start all over again with a new body.

Drastic weight loss only solves half of the problem. The other half, which is of course the easier part, involves other procedures such liposuction, tummy tuck andthe like.


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Okay, relieved

Gez, what a rant I got there. I just wanted a release you know. Sorry if that was kinda off. I don’t want to spend the weekend carrying a burden like that. Thanks to blogging, I can be assured that I won’t have a heart attack ever because I can always vent it all out here.

Now, let’s look at the bright side and look forward to a great weekend. Happy weekend guys!

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Just an ordinary rant

I have always been pissed off with people who think that the world revolve around them. They think that they don’t have to do anything and always blame others for their own mistakes. They don’t have the slightest clue of what giving is all about and they just expect to come their way without lifting a finger. Geez, I have friends who are like this and it really pisses me off everytime they just simply change their minds without considering the ordeal I went through just to make something happen.

When something goes wrong, they wash their hands off and point their fingers at me or somebody else. They are always innocent and others are always at fault. I just love this kind of folks. I love to stay away from them. They’re pretty much dangerous. They hurt people thinking that it’s the other way around. They are always the victims.

Well I have something for you self-centered folks: FOAD!

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Heidi’s breast implants

Breast augmentation is popular with female celebrities. Heidi Klum, for instance, used breast implants to enhance her breasts. Now, she looks hotter than ever with a new pair of boobs. Heidi is lucky. It seems that her cosmetic surgeon is really good at what he does. He was able to produce Heide a pair of breasts that really looks good on her.

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