Plastic surgeon offers Britney a free tummy tuck

Britney Spears strikes again. But this time, she is meaner, bolder, and nastier. Her latest feat that shocked (almost) mankind was when she let all of us take a look at her snatch. The fact that she was pantyless at that moment drives home the point that she really needed some exposure to perhaps salvage her career or whatever is left of it. Lame attempt if I might say but hey, that’s the fastest way to being famous (or shall I say infamous) right?

And since Britney fans will always be Britney fans, they always make it a point to help their idol in any way they can. Take this one plastic surgeon for instance. He saw Brit’s photos and was quite concerned about the marks on her idol’s tummy. Brit was known to have killer abs and having delivered two baby boys must have taken its toll on her stomach. So, out of the goodness of his heart, this plastic surgeon from New York City is offering Brit a free tummy tuck.

WCBSTV has this to say:

A New York City plastic surgeon is offering a free tummy tuck to Britney Spears. Doctor Brad Jacobs says all the recent photos of the pop star out on the town showed that her 25-year-old body was showing signs of having two children and not working out.

Doctor Jacobs says in one photo of Spears getting out of a car with no underwear “everyone was looking somewhere else but I saw the scar from her C-section.”

He says he offered her a holiday present of cosmetic surgery “to restore your midriff to its previous muscle tone and firmness.”

Well, it is good that someone’s really extending help to those who need it badly, though Britney doesn’t really look like one who can’t afford the procedure. I hope Brit is listening and is willing to take her fan’s offer. Though I doubt she would be able to since she’s busy partying and getting drunk.


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