Kevin Costner says no to plastic surgery

Kevin Costner is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. And he is willing to age naturally even if that means getting ugly in the process. Nah, I know Kevin just wants to stay away from the trend and his perspective of aging is far deeper than most of his counterparts.

“I am never going for a hairpiece, dye or nips and tucks. You will always have to take me as you find me,” Costner says.

“We all have our vanity. We can all hear whispers. In my case, they still say: ‘He’s taller than I thought’, but there will come the day when they will say: ‘He is much older than I remember him.'”

Kevin Costner is best known for action hits like “The Untouchables” and “The Guardian” and colossal movies like “Waterworld” and “The Postman.” [Source]

Good job Mr. Postman. I just hope you stand by your word and stay away from the claws of plastic surgery. I am pretty sure though that Kevin would age gracefully (and would sitll look pretty damn hot at 70) given the way he views life and everything there is to it.


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