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Bariatric surgery only solves half of the problem

There are a number of reasons why obesity is bad for the person, be it on the emotional, physical, and mental aspect. This is why affected inviduals try their best to alleviate the situation through several methods. Diet and exercise is considered the best way to address the dilemma but some people just couldn’t wait for months or years for them shed off those excess pounds.

So, others opt for bariatric surgery to lose weight. And when they do lose weight, only half of their problem was solved. The drastic weight loss brought in some other problems such as drooping bellies and sagging skin. They know that they’ve lost weight but they don’t feel that there is much difference because of the hanging skin that they have to deal with.

This is why liposuction and tummy tuck have to be done after the bariatric surgery procedure. And only after these body contouring procedure are done that patients can really feel that they have succeeded in their quest for their ideal weight and can now start all over again with a new body.

Drastic weight loss only solves half of the problem. The other half, which is of course the easier part, involves other procedures such liposuction, tummy tuck andthe like.


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Britney dumps K-Fed

Here’s some good news: Britney files for divorce from Kevin Federline! At long last, Britney could now fix her ruined life. Though Britney should have done this a lot earlier, I still can’t help but get relieved knowing that finally she has come to her senses.

That loser should be left alone for good. He is one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood ever and I just could feel sorry for Britney for falling for him hard. But anyway things are about to change now that the girl has awaken from her deep slumber.

I fervently hope that this is really real.

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